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    Chatbuddy is an automated attendant that can take orders, answer customer inquiries, and provide customer support for your business on your website or Facebook page.
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Chatbuddy allows you to run your business the way you have always wantedon autopilot. Imagine Chatbuddy as having a tireless, perfectly organized, always-on assistant that promotes your products, answers customer inquiries, takes down orders, and responds to requests for help from your customers. Having Chatbuddy in your business helps you save time, save  cost, and reduce headache.

Chatbuddy is a service of Load One, digital solutions for retail businesses.


Easy Integration

Deploy Chatbuddy to your Facebook Page or website. No complicated setup, installations, or configurations. Get it up and running instantly.

Order Management

Includes integrated order management—including product catalog, payment options, dashboard, reports, and automatic SMS and email notifications. 

Concierge Services

Chatbuddy is backed by human-powered concierge services for setup, on-going product catalog updates, and 8x5 customer support.


For Food & Beverage

For Food & Beverage retailers: allow your customers to contact you via your Online and Social Media channels such as your website, Facebook page, and Facebook Messenger. Using Chatbuddy, they can get information on your store hours, ask for a copy of your menu, reserve a table, order online for delivery, or follow up on their orders and more without you lifting a finger!

For Product Retailers

For businesses such as groceries, convenience stores, boutiques, electronics shops, and other product retailers: think of Chatbuddy as an additional sales person that is ready to help your customers across all of your online channels: whether on your website, Facebook Page or Facebook Messenger. Ask Chatbuddy to answer inquiries, take orders, send promotions, give discounts, take orders, handle customer inquiries.

For Service Providers

For service providers such as salons, spas, barber shops, clinics, tutors and more: you can use Chatbuddy to help you set up appointments, book your time, answer inquiries and more on your website, Facebook page or Messenger. Chatbuddy allows you to just focus on what you do best, and not worry about the selling and administration work that comes with providing services.  

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