25+ Effective Ways to Use a Chatbot in Any Industry

By - Angela
10/16/20 09:00 AM
25+ Effective Ways to Use a Chatbot in Any Industry
If you think your business doesn't have any use for a chatbot, think again. More and more companies are taking on chatbots and conversational interaction and marketing to innovative heights.

More than just simple order-taking and appointment-setting, some companies have really embraced the significant cost savings a great chatbot can give them by putting them to work in very interesting ways.

Whatever your industry, we bet you'll see something in this giant list that you'll want to enable for your business.

Go on, tell us if we're wrong.

Retail and e-Commerce

  1. Of course, you can take your customers' orders online through a friendly chat with your chatbot.
  2. Maybe you can also help your customers arrange a group order (which translates to more sales!), like what Kip does.
  3. Help product discovery in an engaging, fun way by giving product recommendations after a bit of a chat with your chatbot, like Aerie.
  4. Reinforce the need to shop in your store by providing customers interesting ways to use their purchases, like what Whole Foods and Dinner Ideas is doing.
  5. Sephora took recommendations to the next level by allowing people to try on different lip colors by sending selfies to their chatbot.
  6. Your customers might want their very own personal shopping assistant, like what Ebay's Shopbot does.

    Financial Services and Banking

    1. In a time of social distancing, allowing clients to get queue numbers in advance through a chatbot helps manage on-site traffic flow and keeps people safe.
    2. Simple and to the point, Wells Fargo's chatbot responds to routine queries about accounts, as well as branch and ATM locations.
    3. But if you need to set appointments for clients, a chatbot can help in taking down these appointments without needing to dedicate staff to the task.
    4. Think about this: in Spain, BBVA allows customers to transfer money through chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Telegram.
    5. Check out Capital One, whose chatbot provides information on customer accounts via SMS.
    6. Bank of America actually helps customers create better money habits through suggestions on how their money moves in their accounts.


    1. Insurance is a confusing industry, which is why a chatbot to answer routine policy and billing questions is important. Prominent insurance companies like Geico and boutique companies like Next Insurance have done it.
    2. Helping clients compare between insurance quotes and policies through an easy conversation can be very helpful, like how Insurify did it.

    Human Resources and Training

    1. For big companies, having a chatbot respond to common HR queries can save time for valuable HR personnel; places like Intel have done it to great success.
    2. Filing and managing leaves is a no-brainer if employees can quickly chat up a chatbot to do it for them, like a virtual assistant.
    3. Chatbots can help with recruitment by engaging and pre-screening candidates. Check out places like Xor, Stella, and Mya.
    4. The insurance company Allstate actually helps its agents learn how to sell their products through a chatbot.


    1. When many people are afraid of heading to the hospital, a chatbot to help manage appointments and traffic flow through remote queue numbers are important.
    2. Through chatting with chatbots, you might be able to make diagnoses faster, easier, and more transparent--like how MedWhat does it.
    3. Mental health is important--and chatbots like Woebot and Insomnobot 3000 can help by conversing with clients and tracking their moods.

    News and Media

    1. Email is so old school. Send news bites directly to your readers through your chatbot. News companies like CNN have done it, but your company can definitely do the same no matter your size.
    2. Strengthening a brand through an engaging, fun chatbot can be very effective. Check out how Disney and Power Rangers did it.

    Food and Beverage

    1. Getting food delivered straight to your customers' doors is a breeze with an automated order-taker. Check out local businesses Pie Express PH and Blake's Wings & Steaks who have put chatbots to good use!
    2. Easily answer questions on your menu and recommend bestsellers to your customers when you're chatting with them, like Taco Bell.
    3. Tell your customers where your nearest branch is for delivery or pickup through chatbots, like Wingstop.

    Got More Ideas?

    Do you have any more ideas of how an automated chatbot might be able to speed things up for your staff or your clients? Share it with us in the comments below, or drop us an email!