How to Send Off Orders Like a Pro

By - Angela
02/26/21 09:00 AM
How to Send Off Orders Like a Pro
How do you make sure that your customers are happy when they receive their product?

Finding that winning product isn't enough. Making your customers happy about their purchase will convince them to keep coming back to you!

We've got a few tips to make sure that when you send off that order, your customer will love it!

Tip #1 - Don't Skimp on Packaging

While you should take cost into consideration, make sure you don't take shortcuts when it comes to packaging.

For one thing, your packaging will protect your product while it's heading to your customer. Even if your items aren't fragile, don't take package safety for granted. Accidents happen.

Look into what protection you can give your package without going over budget.

Not only that, but how your package looks like when your customer receives it and opens it can help them appreciate your product more. They'll be more excited about what they get when they see a beautifully wrapped product.

Tip #2 - Think About Your Freebies

If you're going to include freebies in your customers' orders, good for you! Freebies are a good way to put a smile on your customers' faces.

But give a little thought on what kind of freebies you're giving your customers. A completely unrelated item might just end up as trash if your customer doesn't have a use for it.

The best freebies are:

  • doesn't add significant cost to your order (i.e., due to extra shipping weight or size)
  • related to what the customer purchased or what they are interested in
  • something you are able to sell to them, if they decide they like it

Tip #3 - Keep Your Customer Updated

Your customer deserves to be updated about their order status. Don't spam them, but make sure they don't ever need to find you to ask about their order.

This means letting them know when their payment is confirmed, if you're not using an automatic payment system like what Chatbuddy has. Send them an email or an SMS once their order is confirmed.

Packed up their order? Send them a message that their order is ready for dispatch, or if it's on the way. Try to stick to a delivery service that provides tracking so that your customer can check the status on their own.

Tip #4 - Send Early and Often

Try to send off orders as soon as you receive them. Customers these days want instant gratification and if you've got the means to quickly get their orders to them, they will love you for it.

This means that your process needs to be efficient, from order payment to actual delivery. Choose the right delivery partner so that you are able to send off orders on a regular basis rather than waiting to build up to a minimum order.

Once you've sent off the order, don't forget to notify your customer!

The Best Tips are Those You Use

Whichever tip you decide to use, remember that it all boils down to building positive hype in your customer so that they're excited about getting their order from you.

It's important to keep in touch and stay connected to your customer. If they need to get in touch and you're not around, you might end up with an irate customer instead!

If you need help keeping in touch with all your customers, you should check out chatbots with Chatbuddy. Chatbuddy is designed to help you talk to your customers, from order-taking all the way to automatic payments and even delivery handling, so you can focus on finding that next winning product.